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letter to gavin – sixth birthday

dearest gavin,

i will start off by saying, i really hope you get your daddy’s genes when it comes to time management.  here i am with just 53 minutes left in the day and i am determined to put out your birthday letter.  it’s not that i procrastinate purposefully, but i am easily distracted.   so, if this seems a bit all over the place, know that my bedtime should have really been an hour ago.

sunflower field father and son.  have you noticed I’ve been a bit cranky the past few days?   i thought i just had too much to do and it was making me turn into mean mommy.  but a little while ago, i realized what was wrong.   all day long, i could not let go of my oldest baby turning six.  each year that a child grows older, i imagine parents say, “i can’t believe they are _ years old.  they are getting so old! where does the time go?”  and i admit, when you turned one, i didn’t think it was even humanly possible that you could be a full 365 days old.  but today, feels really different.

my son in the sunflowers

i’ve been watching you a lot lately – seeing how the way you talk and interact with people is light years different then one year ago.  you are asking questions – really good questions and some i don’t know the answers to.  your empathy of others is beginning to show through – like the way you share and love on your brother, especially when he is in time out.  you bring him his puppies when he’s sad and even offer to give him the blue bowl in the morning so that he won’t be upset.

tonight when we got in the car and your shoe fell off, i stopped for a moment, held that foot that was bigger then my hand and leaned over to kiss your toes.  you squealed saying “mom, don’t kiss my feet”, and even though you were smiling, i know my days for treating you like my little baby are slipping through my fingertips.

as you soaked up every minute of your birthday, from the moment your classmates sang to you as you walked in the door, to your special birthday dinner at king burger with your friend andrew - my heart felt full.  i decided tonight, that even though i am sad about you loosing your dependence for me, i am excited and ready for all the fun about to come our way.

in the past year you’ve  become mesmerized with outer space, gained the courage to take ice skating lessons, started kindergarten and build legos like it is your mission.   i love how we have our talks together at night, those quiet moments right before you fall asleep and you tell me what’s on your mind.  i love when you get quiet and say, “mama, it makes me frustrated when you do (insert many of the things you don’t like)”…  you are growing, learning and becoming this amazing little man who far surpassed my wildest dreams.

baby gavin,  even though you were the one that made me a mama, i’m ready to let go of those baby years.  i will tuck those memories in a safe place to visit once in a while.   but now, i am ready to join you, in all your excitement and energy of being six – to take on the world, one angry bird at a time.

i love you to jupiter and back,


p.s.  these pictures make me smile.  for starters, you NEVER let me take your picture.  and the other reason?  the day daddy picked me up to find out if you were a girl or boy, he brought me the most beautiful sunflowers – for our “son”.  that dad of your’s, well, he usually knows what’s up.


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Irene LaBedaJuly 28, 2013 - 8:04 pm

What a sweet letter to Gavin on his 6th Birthday telling him how happy and sad you were feeling that he has turned six. So nice that you could convey these feelings and Oh how many more milestones are yet to come with different thoughts and feelings like when he graduates from grade school, high school,learns to drive,has his first date, gets engaged and many more lifechanging events –just think how your parents felt when you were starting out just like Gavin. So nice that this 1st son can look back on your thoughts on these special events and realize what a wonderful Mom he has to take time from her extra busy day to sit down and tell him how much she loves him and why she is so proud he came into her life.

KellyJuly 25, 2013 - 4:26 pm

Ali! You comment made me tear up! Thank you for the words of encouragement. Many times I feel as if I can not figure this mama thing out! So nice to receive your comment here and on FB! The sunflowers are in MD! Only out for 2 weeks a year – maybe I’ll need to try and plan with you a family photoshoot there next year! Here’s the link to the place – you definitely need to check it out! So many photographers were there! :).

KellyJuly 25, 2013 - 4:18 pm

Thanks mom :)

Mommy WalshJuly 25, 2013 - 7:23 am

Absolutely love this letter to Gavin . I still remember our first time at the beach house when he was just a few months old and now look at our big grandson. For gramma where have the years gone but so looking forward to all the new things he discovers in years to come. The pictures on this letter are priceless!!!!!

aliJuly 25, 2013 - 12:34 am

these words will stay with me… you have an amazing mama heart. it made me smile and cry. your boys are so lucky. and where on earth is this glorious sunflower field? what a dream!

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