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Remember, cute and cuddly, boys. Cute and cuddly.
~ Skipper the Penguin from Madagascar

gavin and liam decided to be the zebra and giraffe from madagascar for halloween.  well, gavin decided, liam didn’t have much of a choice.  but i think they make a pretty cute duo. 

we loved seeing them go trick or treating, and enjoying all the simple pleasures of dressing up and the expectation of what is to come.   liam recovering from a cold was not willing to sit at home and pass out candy.  he seemed to have the whole trick or treating style perfected.  he would wait until gavin went in, warmed up the audience, and then would swoop in with his charming smile and stand there as people doled out candy piece after candy piece as he continued to smile.  he is no dummy.

gavin’s friend  joined us and the two of them were hilarious to watch, zig-zagging from house to house and running around like kids in the candy store.  but even though they are mature kiddos now, they still needed their mamas when things got a little too scary.

we realize that each year goes by, the rules change – kids are older, more independent and their style in how they go about yelling trick or treat, seems to change.  i realize that next year liam will  be yelling trick or treat just as loud as his brother and gavin might not be so agreeable to being a “duo” with his brother, since he will be school age, and his brother just a preschooler.  gavin already reminds me that liam is still the baby, and he is “big now”.

this week was full of treats and surprises, all nestled together as the joy of fall is about to come to close and old man winter starts settling in for a long winter nap.  i am not ready, but perhaps the kids are – apparently wake up time is now closer to 6am and bedtime seems to be getting a little earlier.

as we move into november i am reminded that this is the month of thankfulness.  i read this beautiful post ala kimberly wilson on the tranquil space blog reminding me to be thankful for what i have vs. what i do not have.  i’m thinking this project might help me remember.  (if i ever get around to it, i will be sure to post a pic!)

happy thankful november everyone – wishing you lots of joy and happiness.


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